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The Glycemic Explorer Challenge – Test Your Knowledge


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Beta-cell function—how much is lost and when?

Take the challenge and see how your knowledge of beta-cell function stacks up to that of your peers.

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How well do you know all the medications available to treat type 2 diabetes?

Challenge yourself alongside Dr. Helen Baron to see if you know all of the treatment options for type 2 diabetes and their impact on patients’ HbA1c targets.

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What do you know about the guidelines for type 2 diabetes and how they’re being used in clinical practice?

Even if you know the ADA and AACE guideline recommendations, you may be surprised to learn about the average time to actual therapy intensification.

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How do hormones affect liver glucose metabolism?

Take on this challenge and see if you can master the biologic complexities of type 2 diabetes.

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How does each therapeutic class affect various organ systems?

Test your knowledge on the various type 2 diabetes treatment classes as they light up before your eyes in this dynamic, fast-paced video.

Exploring Glycemic Challenges With Experts in T2DM


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Insulin and Glucagon: A Balancing Act

Explore the physiology of glucose homeostasis and how its dysregulation in type 2 diabetes may lead to challenges in controlling hemoglobin A1c levels, with Dr. Steven Edelman.

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The Persistence and Impact of Hyperglycemia

Learn about the early damage that can be caused by hyperglycemia in this video hosted by Dr. Robert Busch. Also, did you know that delays in treatment intensification can leave patients with elevated glucose levels for many years?

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Addressing the Physiologic Complexities of Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Lawerence Blonde delves into eight physiologic abnormalities, known as the Ominous Octet, involved in type 2 diabetes and how you can use different therapeutic classes to target them in your patients.

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Exploring Guidelines and Opportunities for Advancing Type 2 Diabetes Therapy

Discover, alongside Dr. Vivian Fonseca, what the ADA and AACE guidelines recommend regarding titration and intensificiation of treatment for type 2 diabetes patients who are not meeting their glycemic targets.

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Reevaluating the Current Approach to Type 2 Diabetes Management

Dr. John Anderson gives an overview of the current state of type 2 diabetes management, including its prevalence, A1c levels, physiologic approaches, hyperglycemia, and more. Find out how to help your patients achieve their glycemic targets.

Considerations for Diabetes Management


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Evaluating Different Pathways to Achieve Target A1c Levels

Dr. Robert Henry discusses the current issues and challenges in achieving glycemic control and what healthcare providers may want to consider for their next move in type 2 diabetes patients who are uncontrolled on OADs.

AACE=American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists; ADA=American Diabetes Association; HbA1c=glycated hemoglobin;

NHANES=National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey; OADs=oral antidiabetics; T2DM=type 2 diabetes mellitus